Here's the complete 2015 BC Beer Awards winners list

Photo courtesy of BC Beer Awards
Photo courtesy of BC Beer Awards

In case you made the terrible mistake of missing it, the BC Beer Awards happened last Saturday. The sold-out event was once again the source of great merriment and drunkenness, and exactly what’s expected from the beating heart of craft beer culture.

Vancouver’s Brassneck Brewery won the top honours of the night, taking home the Best in Show award for their One Trick Pony Imperial IPA. Doan’s Craft Brewing Co. took home the other big prize of the night, the Richards Buell Sutton Rookie of the Year Award. Other big winners include Parallel 49 Brewing (with five awards, including one gold), Bridge Brewing, Persephone Brewing and Dageraad (all with three awards apiece).

Here’s the complete list of winners, as chosen by a panel of expert beer judges last month. Drink up.


Best in Show

Brassneck Brewery – One Trick Pony


Amber/Dark Lagers

1. Steel & Oak Brewing Co. – Dark Lager

2. Persephone Brewing Co. – Oktoberfest

3. Tree Brewing Co. – Captivator Doppelbock


Belgian Abbey Ale

1. Dageraad Brewing –Dageraad Blonde

2. Tree Brewing Co. –Trappist Artist Belgian Dubbel

3. Old Abbey Ales – Belgian Quad


Belgian/French Farmhouse

1. Persephone Brewing Co. –Multigrain Saison

2. Dageraad Brewing –Randonneur Saison

3. Ravens Brewing Company – Farmers Ale



1. Stanley Park Brewing – SunSetter

2. Tree Brewing Co. – Mellow Moon Pineapple Hefeweizen

3. Strange Fellows Brewing – Framboise Noir


German/Belgian Wheat

1. Barkerville Brewing Co. –White Gold

2. Big Rock Urban Brewery –Dunkelwiezen

3. Granville Island Brewing – Hey Day Hefeweizen


Imperial IPA

1. Brassneck Brewery – One Trick Pony

2. Parallel 49 Brewing Co. – 187 On An Undercover Hop

3. Parallel 49 Brewing Co. –Hopnitist


North American Amber/Brown Ale

1. Big Rock Urban Brewery –Hollow Tree

2. Russell Brewing Co. –Cream Ale

3. Brassneck Brewery –Brassneck Ale


North American Light Beer

1. Tofino Brewing Co. – Tofino Blonde Ale

2. Tofino Brewing Co. – Lifty Lager

3. Granville Island Brewing – Island Lager


North American IPA

1. Central City Brewers and Distillers – Red Racer IPA

2. Red Truck Beer – Red Truck IPA

3. Hearthstone Brewing – Hearthstone IPA


North American Pale Ale

1. Howe Sound Brewing Co. – Sky Pilot Northwest Pale Ale

2. Persephone Brewing Co. – Pale Ale

3. Russell Brewing Co. – Hop Therapy ISA


Pale European Bier

1. Parallel 49 Brewing Co. – Craft Lager

2. Central City Brewers and Distillers – Mayor Kolsch

3. Russell Brewing Co. – Eastern Promises


Sours/Wild Ale

1. Four Winds Brewing Co. – Juxtapose Wild IPA

2. Strange Fellows Brewing – Roxanne

3. Dageraad Brewing – De Witte



1. Brassneck Brewery – No Brainer Pre Prohibition Lager

2. Bridge Brewing Co. – Wee Tipsy Peated Scotch Ale

3. Steamworks Brewing Co. –Steamworks Gose


Specialty IPA

1. Bridge Brewing Co. – Black Rye IPA

2. Moon Under Water Brewery– Hip As Funk

3. Bomber Brewing – Blood From A Stone Red Rye IPA



1. Tofino Brewing Co. – Spruce Tree Ale

2. Stanley Park Brewing – Icebreaker

3. Tofino Brewing Co. – Kelp Stout



1. Doan’s Craft Brewing Co. – American Rye Stout

2. Barkerville Brewing Co. – 52 Foot Stout

3. Mission Springs Brewing Co. – Fat Guy Oatmeal Stout


Strong Ale

1. Swans Brewpub – Legacy Ale

2. R&B Brewing Co. –Auld Nick Winter Ale

3. Swans Brewpub – Swans Scotch Ale


UK Bitter

1. Big Ridge Brewing – Big Ridge Clover Ale

2. Forbidden Brewing Co. – Forbidden Pale Ale

3. Bomber Brewing – Bomber ESB


UK Red/Brown Ale

1. Whistler Brewing Co. – Whistler Brewing Black Tusk

2. LIghthouse Brewing Co. – Race Rocks

3. Parallel 49 Brewing Co. –Old Boy


Wood/Barrel Aged

1. Bridge Brewing Co. – Imperial White IPA

2. Four Winds Brewing Co. –Pequeno Cabo Tequila Barrel Aged Berliner Weisse

3. Parallel 49 Brewing Co. –Barrel Aged Vow Of SIlence

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The complete 2015 BC Beer Awards winners

The complete 2015 BC Beer Awards winners

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