Salt Spring Island Ales

Salt Spring Island Ales
Brewery Name: Salt Spring Island Ales
Description :

It’s that time of year for Salt Spring’s annual gruit—their hop-less ancient ale that features wild herbs, allegedly brewed on a full moon.

Phone Number: (250) 653-2383
Address: 270 Furness Rd., Salt Spring Island
Growler fills?: Yes
Bottles/cans for sale?: Yes
Kegs available?: Yes
Tasting flights/beer samples available in house?: Yes
Kitchen / fresh food / food truck always onsite? : No
Brewery tours available?: Yes
Kids allowed in taproom?: Yes
Gluten-free booze available on-site (including wine / cider / spirits)?: No
Region: Victoria & Gulf Islands Breweries
City: Salt Spring Island
  • Salt Spring Island Ales

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